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student not paying attention

Farsighted Children Struggle with Attention

By Nova Vision Care | November 8, 2020

​Vision problems often undetected, uncorrected in younger kids By: Misti Crane Published on October 09, 2017 COLUMBUS, Ohio – Farsighted preschoolers and kindergartners have a harder time paying attention and that could put them at risk of slipping behind in school, a new study suggests. An estimated 4 to 14 percent of preschoolers have moderate…

Multiple glasses

Glasses- Is one pair really enough?

By Nova Vision Care | April 17, 2017

The simple answer to the question of, is one pair of glasses enough, is NO.  Everyone should have more than one pair of glasses. Let’s start with the basics; you lost them, you break one, can you see distance and near, can you read with without changing them, are you protected from sunlight, uv rays…

Coping with Low Vision

By Nova Vision Care | April 3, 2017

What is low vision? Low vision is the term used to refer to a visual impairment that is not correctable through surgery, pharmaceuticals, glasses or contact lenses. It is often characterized by partial sight, such as blurred vision, blind spots or tunnel vision, but also includes legal blindness. Low vision can impact people of all…

Sleep your way to Great Vision with CRTs

By Nova Vision Care | March 27, 2017

No Daytime Contacts. No Glasses. No Surgery. Just great vision!  “What is CRT?” Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) uses specially designed contact lenses while you sleep to gently and gradually reshape the front surface of the eye (the cornea) to eliminate or reduce nearsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism. They are removed upon awakening to provide clear vision…

How are "Visual Skills" Related to Learning?

By Nova Vision Care | March 23, 2017

“VISUAL SKILLS” and their relation to learning Discovering that your child is struggling to learn, not because of a learning disability or lack of classroom skills, but instead from a problem with their “visual skills” can be confusing for parents. Even more confusing is when a school screening or an eye doctor’s exam indicates that…

Amblyopia Research Supports Treatment Without Patching

By Nova Vision Care | March 15, 2017

New amblyopia research shows that treatment using both eyes is better than patching alone! For ages, the majority of amblyopia research and treatment has focused on two areas: the use of glasses to provide the clearest vision possible and the use of an eye patch to force the amblyopic (weaker) eye to see. Patching sometimes…

Nova Vision 20 years providing 20/20 vision

Celebrating 20 Years

By Nova Vision Care | January 9, 2017

So much as changed over the last 20 years but not Nova Vision Care’s mission. Since 1997 our doors have been open and our hearts have been devoted to providing excellence service and education to all our patients.  We all believe our mission statement, “Better Vision. Better Life. Better World.”  is why we still get…

Donate glasses and change someone's life!

By Nova Vision Care | November 15, 2016

Here at Nova Vision Care we are a Lions Club Eyeglass Donation center.  We accept all prescription glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses for our donation box.  The Lions Club has stated that the children’s frames are needed the most but all donations give you the chance to make a difference in someone’s life.  Our own…

Vision and Learning Month

Poor Grades Explained by Vision Problems

By Nova Vision Care | August 16, 2016

Poor Grades Explained by Vision Problems: College of Optometrists in Vision Development offers hope to parents of struggling readers THU, JUN 05 When school resumes in August, educators, parents, and students will strive to improve reading levels. According to the Common Core Curriculum, “Students will be challenged and asked questions that push them to refer…

Vision Training in Baseball

Vision Training In Baseball

By Nova Vision Care | May 12, 2016

Ophthalmology in MLB has evolved: Teams who once shunned prospects who wore glasses now use EEGs to track what hitters see and when. “Hitters have three tenths of a second on a 90 mph pitch to make a decision,” says Keith Smithson, the Nationals’ team optometrist. “If we can buy a tenth in there somewhere,…

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