Optometric vision therapy provides an avenue for patients to improve visual skills that may be inhibiting their ability to excel to their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

Our eye care services include complete eye examinations for adults and children, contact lens exams, and fittings including specialty contacts and diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, including dry eyes.

We conduct comprehensive exams that allow us to accurately detect eye disease or other abnormalities early, often before they present any symptoms. Early detection in many cases can lead to treatments that will prevent vision loss. At Nova Vision Care, our staff provides our patients with optimal eye care to ensure the health of their eyes.

We also carry a wide selection of designer frames, sunglasses, and sports eyewear in our optical shop to fulfill the individual needs of each of our patients. Our opticians will help you select the frames that best suit you based on your lifestyle and personality.

Nova Vision Care offers a comprehensive optometric vision therapy program to improve these visual skills and assist our patients in reaching their goals and improving their lives. Our program uses a full-body approach to incorporate multiple senses and enhance visual processing.

Providing a well-rounded program engages our patients and makes use of the plasticity of the human brain. Through this, our patients gain stronger visual processing skills and abilities to propel them to living their best lives.

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