Glasses—Is one pair really enough?

Multiple glasses

The simple answer to the question of, is one pair of glasses enough, is NO.  Everyone should have more than one pair of glasses.

Let’s start with the basics: you lost them, you break one, can you see distance and near, can you read with without changing them, are you protected from sunlight, UV rays, and blue light?

There are four main reasons why multiple pairs should be a must:

  1. Back up in case you misplace or break your current eye wear
  2. Functionality to have different pairs for different tasks or activities such as reading, working on the computer, playing sports, or safety on the job
  3. Sun protection. Even if you have contacts you needs sunglasses to protect from the negative effects of UV
  4. Fashion. How fun is it to have a pair of glasses to dress up a night out or to match your outfit, mood, or shoes?

Consider how you use your eyes, and during your next eye exam, ask our doctors and opticians about some options to help improve the safety and function of your indoor and outdoor eye wear.  Also be sure to find out how much savings you can get by adding multiple pairs to your collection.

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