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Glasses- Is one pair really enough?

The simple answer to the question of, is one pair of glasses enough, is NO.  Everyone should have more than one pair of glasses. Let’s start with the basics; you lost them, you break one, can you see distance and near, can you read with without changing them, are you protected from sunlight, uv rays…

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Competitive Edge

Do you have a competitive edge? Sports or performance based lenses are the quickest way to gain a competitive edge. There are so many choices such as; photochromic, polarized, anti-glare, sports-specific tints, prisms and more that are now available for purchase at specific top optical shops such as Nova Vision Care. Sports-specific tints in standard…

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Sunglasses are more critical in winter

When you are layering up for cold weather, you’ve probably got all the basics covered: Cute knit hat and scarf, bulky sweater, tights, furry boots and a warm coat. But you are missing a vital wardrobe piece.  Your outfit isn’t complete until you’ve put on a pair of sunglasses. Just because the sun isn’t hot…

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