Competitive Edge

Do you have a competitive edge?

Sports or performance based lenses are the quickest way to gain a competitive edge. There are so many choices such as; photochromic, polarized, anti-glare, sports-specific tints, prisms and more that are now available for purchase at specific top optical shops such as Nova Vision Care.

Sports-specific tints in standard and polarized options help wearers sharpen their vision and increase their sports performance. It is important to find a skilled optician to help navigate the best lens treatments and options for your specific needs. They are not a “one size fits all” type of deal, they are highly customizable. Getting the right options for your specific needs will give you the competitive edge you are seeking.


“Accurate, safe sports vision can require multiple pairs depending on the sport or sports. I explain it to patients by telling them that eyewear is like shoes; different pairs are worn for different activities.”

We are recommending more and more sports-specialized tints such as teal for tennis and yellow or copper for hunting and shooting. Another increasing request in sports-oriented solutions is polarization. But, while polarized lenses are a solid solution for water sports, they are not optimal for all sports. We recommend polarized for outdoor sports with caution. For example, no polarized lenses for skiing or serious golfing because the polarization can interfere with viewing terrain differences properly. In addition, we veer away from recommending polarization for situations where viewing digital devices is important. For instance, a driver with a digital dashboard can see it as blacked out when using polarized lenses.

teal_tennis yellow_hunting yellow_golfer

Even photochromic lenses are getting into the game as a prescription and plano (no prescription added) sports sunwear option. In fact, many sports eyewear makers now offer plano sunwear with light-adaptive polarized lenses that change tint relative to the wearer’s light conditions. With sports such as mountain biking or trail running, where light conditions are changing constantly, photochromics can be a true benefit.

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In addition, many parents today are looking to photochromics as a sports solution for their children. Parents like the adaptable lenses, because their kids play multiple sports so they get day-to-night, indoor-to-outdoor lens performance benefits all from one lens. We also fit anti-glare lenses for sports, especially when reflections at night are a consideration, like for those who play soccer or football under the lights.

Our favorite photochromic lens maker is Smith Optics, You have to try them to see for yourself the difference. Stop in to Nova Vision Care today to try them or have one of our talented optician’s help you see what will give you your competitive edge!


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