Cursive handwriting improves word recognition


Don’t Stop learning Cursive Handwriting

Evidence suggests there are strong links between handwriting and overall educational development of reading and writing.  It has been shown that children learn to read quicker, are better able to generate ideas, and retain information more efficiently when using cursive handwriting.  There is a unique neuro circuit created when writing.  This neuro circuit created a unique way of improving word recognition.  Three area of the brain that are important for reading are stimulated when words are written.  Children with better handwriting have been shown to have more neural activation in areas associated with memory and are able to come up with more creative ideas to write about.  Researchers at Princeton University have shown in 3 separate studies that students who take notes on laptops versus handwritten notes may have impaired learning because processing information is more shallow.  Laptop users tend to type verbatim instead of re-framing and putting the thoughts in their own words which helps shape the learning into a deeper more long term effect.

Improve word recognition, increase information processing, and learn more long term just by writing in cursive.  What an easy transition to anyone wanting a scholastic edge.

There is a interesting podcast on the subject as well.  You can listen to it at Verbal to Visual Podcast.

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