Tis the Season for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes.

Contacts in the Winter

Yes. ‘Tis the season…for dry eyes.

When most people think winter, they think cold, wet air. But did you know that winter the air is usually drier than any other season?

This can be hard on those that have dry eyes, but it’s even more difficult for those that have dry eyes and wear contacts. The winter season is one of the harshest on our eyes. Our poor pupils, after surviving the unkind attack of allergies in the fall, then go on to battle higher level of UV rays, cold winds and dry air caused by heaters.

The winter season is hard on your eyes so you want to pay extra attention to your eye care. The most important thing is to make sure you are wearing the right contacts and that you are wearing them properly.


Keeping Contact Lenses Comfortable

Heaters in our home, offices and cars dry the air and therefore affect the longevity of our contacts. And because the tears in your eye work to clean your eye surface and protect you from infection, you’re at eye health is also at a high risk.

But don’t lose hope. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to be confined to just wearing glasses. To obtain prime comfort and to keep your eyes healthy, you want to make sure you change out your contacts regularly in cold weather. By swapping out your lenses on time, they are better able to conduct oxygen, reduce irritation, and increase comfort.

An eye exam is always encouraged, but a visit to Nova Vision Care is essential if you have difficulty with your eyes or contact lenses in the winter months. Your optometrist can prescribe contact lenses which you can dispose more frequently, contact lenses that are more appropriate for dry eyes as well as prescription eye drops if necessary.

Since indoor heating really is the enemy in the winter months, you can also try using a humidifier to restore the moisture your heater takes out of the air.

And last but not least, you want to protect your eyes with proper sunglasses. Whether you decide to buy Transitions™ lenses, purchase one of our great designer sunglasses, or even wear a pair of cheap sunglasses, you’ve got to find something that protects against UV rays and wear it. Sunglasses protect your eyes from dirt and dust in the air, keep cold wind from directly hitting your eye surface as well as provide protection from UV rays (which, as stated earlier, are higher in winter).

These are just a few things you can do to keep your eyes and yourself more comfortable this holiday season. If you have a severe case of dry eye, please schedule an appointment to discuss further options to keep your eyes looking and feeling good.

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