Multi-focal and Bi-focal Contact Lenses

Nova bifocal contacts.

What are Bifocal contact lenses?
Bifocal contact lenses are designed to provide good vision to people who have a condition called presbyopia. The main sign that you’re developing presbyopia is that you need to hold menus, newspapers and other reading material farther from your eyes in order to see it clearly.

Multifocal contact lens art

How do Bifocal contact lenses work?
There are different designs, one of them is the multifocal lenses, which works as a kind of progressive lens that with you can see at different distances, far near, and middle, very comfortable and easy adaptation.

Concentric ringsThis type of contact lens interacts both visions far and near, through these concentric circles where distance vision will correspond to the blue circles and close vision through the yellow circles.

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