NFL Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald Uses Vision Therapy

Larry Fitz.

“Parents don’t realize that you need over 17 visual skills to succeed in reading, learning, sports, and in life. Seeing ’20/20′ is just one of those visual skills,” says Fitzgerald.

Nova Vision’s own Dr. Brenda Montecalvo grew up near Green Bay Wisconsin and is die hard Packer fan.  Regardless of her loyalties to her team, she is excited that her other favorite football player had a great weekend even though it meant a loss for the Packers.  Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers in the business and at 32 is still going strong.  Part of the reason for his success is that he did optometric vision therapy with his optometrist grandfather, Dr. Robert Brown starting when he was in second grade.  Among many visual skills they worked on for Larry, one was learning to catch the ball with his eyes closed.

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