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Common Eye Problem and ADHD Linked

By Nova Vision Care | August 5, 2015

Vision is more than 20/20 eyesight. Visual performance problems that go undetected can appear as some of the very same signs and symptoms that are commonly attributed to ADHD. Because of this, some children with vision problems are mislabeled as having ADHD. The demands of the classroom require hours of sustained attention on cognitively difficult…

Vision is more than 20/20

By Nova Vision Care | July 17, 2015

Is reading a struggle for your child? Does homework take HOURS to do? Has your child been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD? Do you or your child have Lazy Eye or an Eye Turn? Is there any HELP for these problems? (937) 320-0300                YES! And you have come to the right…

The importance of infant eye exams

By Nova Vision Care | July 15, 2015

By now we are sure you have seen the cute video of the baby trying on her glasses and seeing for the first time.  If you haven’t seen it you can below .  It is wonderful to see her reaction to seeing clearly for the first time. Here at Nova Vision Care we know the…

Preventing Eye Injuries During Firework Season

By Nova Vision Care | July 3, 2015

Each year, we honor Independence Day with a dazzling display of fireworks – whether it be right in our own backyards or at a community celebration. Although most families take precautions to protect themselves and their children against the potential dangers of fireworks, thousands still visit the emergency room every year – often with eye…


By Nova Vision Care | June 27, 2015

Amblyopia is an eye disorder that occurs when the brain and the eyes do not work together properly and the brain favors one eye over the other. We at Nova Vision Care want to keep you informed so that we can catch and diagnose any potential problems for you or your children. Amblyopia can result…

Blutech Lenses

By Nova Vision Care | June 1, 2015

Blutech Lenses See Better. Look Better. Live Better. WHAT BluTech Lenses are a revolutionary solution for the lifelong preservation of eye health and prevention of macular degeneration. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments, BluTech Lenses are the ultimate in protective eyewear and visual performance. Developed with the perfect amount of ocular lens pigment and…

ADD/ADHD or Vision Problems

By Nova Vision Care | April 21, 2015

Parents and doctors may label a child’s learning or attention difficulties as ADD/ADHD. However, you might be surprised to learn that poor control of eye movements can cause similar symptoms. There can be a combination of the two present at the same time as well. The following chart compares the symptoms of ADD/ADHD with those…

7 Tips on Relieving Computer Eye Strain

By Nova Vision Care | April 8, 2015

Almost everyone these days is using a computer for work or play. We spend a lot of time staring at computer screens and this leads to several vision related problems. Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a very common problem detected among people working on computers. This happens due to prolonged computer usage which may stress your eyes…

March Madness Offer – 15% Off Frames!

By Nova Vision Care | March 2, 2015

The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress

By Nova Vision Care | March 2, 2015

By Adam Rogers for WIRED. The original image is in the middle. At left, white-balanced as if the dress is white-gold. At right, white-balanced to blue-black. The fact that a single image could polarize the entire Internet into two aggressive camps is, let’s face it, just another Thursday. But for the past half-day, people across…

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