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We found our answer

When Kaylynn was 2 years old her right eye turned inward. Her vision was affected by this change. Kaylynn, over the years, also began to have sensory problems such as crashing into others and falling off surfaces. Once Kaylynn started school she began to shut down socially and by second grade she completely isolated herself from her peers. We tried for years to get help for her vision. We saw doctor after doctor and everyone had different opinions that never really seems to be effective. My husband and I brought Kaylynn to Dr. Montecalvo for “one last try” to find answers and a solution. After 6 years of seeking the proper guidance we found our answer. Kaylynn is no longer seeking sensory needs, hurting others by crashing into them or falling off surfaces. She is reading at a fourth grade level as a second grader, and she has made friends. Kaylynn is now asking to join a sport or take dance classes with her peers. She is again the outgoing, intelligent, social child we once knew. Dr. Monteclavo and the Visual Experiences team are the miracle we have prayed for all these years. Kaylynn is so happy and loves to tell others her story.Kaylynn's success story