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Driving again which is extremely liberating

When I first began seeing Dr. Montecalvo, My vision was affecting my life in a very negative way. I suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by an almost fatal car accident. Learning to walk, talk, take care of and function by myself was no easy feat. After being home from the hospital for almost two years and beginning to overcome these challenges, my parents and I began to seek therapy for my vision. We remembered a pastor we had met in the hospital suggesting an eye doctor that helped his daughter tremendously.

My left eye’s neglect to peripheral vision was so bad that I would completely  ignore everything ion my left side that wasn’t directly in front of me. Not only was I unable to drive, but also eve the simplest things like reading were much more difficult. I listened to books on tape for my college classes and reading the chalkboard in class to keep up with note taking left m falling behind. I was unable to find my way from class to class at my community college, walking from class to class on a big college caps seemed impossible.

After one year of therapy with Dr. Montecalvo and the other vision therapists, such as Holly, My life has changed dramatically for the better. It didn’t tie long to notice positive changes after beginning the Vision Therapy Program. After only a few months, Dr. Montecalvo commented on me appearing more confident, and I was. Today, one year later, I am able to see much further away on my left side while looking straight ahead, I am doing very well in my college classes; my reading has improved immensely, no more books on tape. My heigh grades earned me a spot on the Dean’s List’ keeping up with my classmates is no longer the challenge it was. I am also driving again which is extremely liberating. Everyday I feel my vision improving from the at-home vision activities I was given and the basic tips I received from Dr. Montecalvo. This vision program truly has changed my life.

Lindsay's success story