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Spectacle Lens Coatings

We carry multiple types of spectacle lens types, materials and options that will improve the performance of the lens and clarity of vision. Below we would like to highlight some of our favorite options. Many of the lens options we offer come from HOYA or Varilux and if you would like even more detailed information on them please visit their websites and



Progressive or ‘no-line’ eyeglass lenses have a gradual curvature across the lens surface and provide not only clearer vision at near and far distances, but also smooth, comfortable transitions in between.

Progressive Lens Nova Vision Care


Summit ECP (Extended Corrective Performance) IQ and Summit CD (Compressed Design) IQThe difference between looking through a Summit iQ lens and a traditionally-made progressive lens is like seeing a high-definition screen after watching old-fashioned television.


Hoya Sync 5
For younger adults, including students, or emmetropes, who may be suited to having less active support. Sync lenses are designed to provide effortless, comfortable viewing adaptations to whatever your visually strenuous days demand.


Hoya Sync 8
For early presbyopes who are not ready for a progressive solution.

Occupational Progressive (computer/near)

Tact TrueForm
Lenses designed to improve your concentration. The ergonomic office lens for presbyopes who wish to combine a wide and comfortable view of their intermediate work zone with flexibility in depth of vision.

Ultra Premium Progressive

Lifestyle 2 Harmony
Harmony lenses are designed for those who
already wear progressive lenses, and are having additional difficulty seeing close up. The ID Lifestyle Harmony lenses is perfect for those who primarily focus on objects and tasks no more than an arm's length away.

Lifestyle 2 Clarity
Clarity lenses are designed to meet the visual needs of those who lead active lifestyles, providing wider and clearer fields of vision when looking ahead and into the distance.

Lens Material

Durable and impact resistant, scratch and uv protected, thinner and lighter. They far exceed the FDA guidelines making it one of the safest lens choices available.


Photochromic lenses are optical lenses that darken on exposure to specific types of light of sufficient intensity, most commonly ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In the absence of activating light, the lenses return to their clear state.

Transitions Xtractive
Superior darkness outdoors which activate behind the windshield of a car.

Transitions Vantage
Virtually clear indoors then darken and polarize outdoors. The only everyday lenses with variable polarization for crisper, sharper vision.

Transition Lens Nova Vision Care

Super Hi Vision EX3
Better than glass! Extreme scratch resistance, extreme clean vision, extreme reflection protection.

Super High Vision EX3 Nova Vision Care

HOYA Recharge
Helps to protect your eyes from damaging blue light wavelengths, while allowing you to enjoy your favorite mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets, TVs and even energy efficient light bulbs emit high-energy blue light waves that, when stared at day and night, strain our eyes and even interfere with our ability to sleep at night. The blue light blocking properties of Recharge lenses alleviate eyestrain and even help maintain your melatonin levels, so you can fall asleep at night.

Hoya Recharge Lens Nova Vision Care

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