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CNN Reports on Concussion Recovery

Football Brain Injury

CNN reports on a new study from the journal of Pediatrics that suggests that recovery from a brain injury or concussion can take anywhere from days to weeks to years depending on the age of the injured and the severity of the concussion. In conjunction with other symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision and dizziness,…

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The Ghost in My Brain

the ghost in my brain

This week for Brain Injury Awareness Month we are reviewing an intimate and personal account of suffering from a concussion. The Ghost in my Brain Clark Elliott Clark had a short blackout as the result of a fairly minor automobile accident. His symptoms were anything but minor. For over a decade he dealt with pain…

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Competitive Edge

Do you have a competitive edge? Sports or performance based lenses are the quickest way to gain a competitive edge. There are so many choices such as; photochromic, polarized, anti-glare, sports-specific tints, prisms and more that are now available for purchase at specific top optical shops such as Nova Vision Care. Sports-specific tints in standard…

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NPR talks New Treatments for Concussions


We are starting off Brain Injury Awareness Month with a spotlight on NPR New Treatments for Concussions Based on Recent Brain Research The Diane Rehm Show Thu, June 4 2015 Synopsis Dramatic results in reduction of symptoms and in some case full recovery after new use of brain exercises, puzzles, physical therapy and special eye…

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