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Sleeping helps you see better

Sleep is one of the body’s most basic necessities. Study after study demonstrates the importance of sleep to our physical, mental and social health. But did you know that your eyes also benefit from the proper amount of sleep and that too little sleep can cause vision problems? The Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get…

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Protective Sports Eyewear is a Serious Matter

There are thousands of eye injuries a year related to sports. According to the National Eye Institute eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children in North America and most injuries occurring in school-aged children are sports-related. Further 99% of sports-related eye injuries can be prevented simply by wearing protective eyewear. Sports injuries…

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Fall Allergies and Your Eyes

Autumn often brings to mind pleasant thoughts of football games, crisp air, and leaves changing color. But for those with allergies, it can also be a time of distress. Millions of people suffer from the sniffling, sneezing, and nasal congestion that accompany allergies. Weed pollen is the biggest allergy trigger for most fall allergies. Pollen…

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